When you think about a new driveway or if you are thinking about building a new driveway there will always be a cost ofcourse. However, you what you also need to think about is how that driveway will add value to your home tenfold compared to what you will spend on that actually driveway. The cost of an average driveway is usually around £6,000 to £8,000 for a standard 2 car driveway if you are choosing block paving or tarmac. Resin can be more expensive depending on what type of resin bound you choose.

However, when you think about how the return on investment will impact your property it can easily add £20,000 to your property depending on where abouts your property is. In places like Great Haywood and Little Haywood where the area is more affluent having a properly installed driveway will double your return if not triple so it makes good sense to ensure you have a good quality driveway to drive investment into your home.

new block paving driveway

What Type Of Driveway Is Best To Add Value?

We always get asked this question and to be honest, this is a matter of taste and preference and also depends on what type of property you have. Resin in 2022 is regarded as the best type of driveway for all home types, whether you use resin for the driveway, path or patio, it’s renowned for looking good and being long lasting and great for families and pets alike.

However, it is not always feasible to use resin some homes especially character homes, this is where you might need something more traditional like cobblestones or rustic blocks to keep in the decor of the existing property.

patterned block paving

It’s good to think about how your driveway will work with your property and this is where the benefits of using a long established and experienced driveway company will come in to play as they will know what will work best and advise on the design and structure of the landscape for each outdoor space.

Here at Newstyle Drives we have been a long established family business working with some of the best driveway manufacturers such as Marshalls and Tobermore and this is crucial when laying a new driveway. If you are not using the best products, then cracks and problems can appear after a few years, so this is also a factor when choosing your driveway company.

So, in essence, the factors you need to consider when looking to add value to your home with a new driveway or patio are:

1 – Driveway Types

Choose the right type of driveway that will add value to your home, resin, tarmac, blocks, cobblestone and Indian Sandstone are the main players. A good driveway company can advise on the best type to suit your property and the best design.

2 – Choose An Established Driveway Company

You need to ensure you look on their website, look at their reviews, look at their recent projects for more inspiration and check that they offer no payment upfront for added peace of mind.

3 – Best Suppliers

Ask them who they use as their suppliers, then do some research on those companies and read reviews, remember this is an investment into your property so ensure you do your research.

So, final thoughts here are ensure you use a great company that is established in your area and local, work together on choosing the right driveway type and make sure they use good quality products and you’ll ensure you get the best driveway for your property.

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