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We are the #1 driveways company for Armitage Staffordshire, choose from beautiful resin, tarmac and block paving driveways and patios at affordable prices.

Our team specialise in driveways and patios in Armitage, if you live in the Armitage area and are looking for a quality driveway company speak to us today. We have over 25yrs experience in building beautiful drives and patios from tarmac, resin, block paving and gravel and our quotes are always the best and will match any other driveway customer for a like for like driveway or patio.

Resin is fast becoming the # driveway material of choice, resin crumb driveways we have completed in Armitage have long been the standards that we have set that others can only follow. Choose your resin driveway in a colour to suit your home needs too and enjoy the benefits all year round of a versatile driveway choice that is low maintenance and will never need to be upgraded.

Tarmac driveways are affordable and pleasing to the eye, we specialise in building beautiful tarmac driveways available in both black and red and with a choice of your edging in block paving.

Stand out with a block paving driveway or patio for your Armitage home, block pavers that are all time served and fully qualified. We offer 5yr guarantees across all our block paving driveways and patios for your peace of mind.

  • Block Paving Driveways

    Always the most popular choice for driveways and patios as it is so versatile and affordable. There are so many choices to choose from with this driveway choice and many of our local Burntwood customers love the brindle blocks and rustic effect.

    Block paving gives your property a unique and fresh look that’s very easy to get used to, and will help improve the overall look and feel of your home. It’s also great and a cheaper option and can be patterned too for extra nice affect.

    Many households decide to go with block paving for a variety of reasons, including;

    • High quality – Durable in many ways, having a block pathway to your home can be a hugely useful asset that will ensure everything stays together even during those horrible winter months
    • Attractive – This is a hugely desirable look for homes; many people will be more than happy to look at your home if you ever decide to sell based on this fact. It’s a very interesting look and many people believe it’s by far and away the most welcoming look for outside of a home
    • Favourited by many – It’s a look that isn’t exactly going to go out of date, either. Block paving has been around for many years and still retains that fantastic appeal that we in the Warwick area have come to know and love.
  • Resin Driveways

    A new bonded resin driveway can dramatically improve your home’s appearance, and add financial value to your property. They require low maintenance, so bonded resin looks great all year round, resin is highly durable, so it’s heavy vehicle friendly, and our bonded resin materials are top of the range quality, therefore longevity is ensured. Resin driveways are available in a wide range of different colours, styles, and types, so you’re guaranteed to find a bounded resin driveway perfect for the exterior of your home.

    We at Newstyle Drives are leaders of resin driveways throughout Burntwood and the surrounding areas, resin is more expensive, but it looks great and is here to last.

Recent Driveways in Armitage Staffordshire.

Below are a some recent driveways and patios we have completed in Armitage Staffordshire.

For free quotes and site surveys in Armitage please get in touch today, we offer free site surveys, free quotes and on many of our driveways there is no upfront payments. If you book now you can save up to £500 off your next driveway, so hurry and get a quote from Armitage’s #1 driveway provider.

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We cover the whole of Armitage and surrounding areas including Burntwood, Great Haywood, Rugeley and Cannock